1st SkydivePrepare to join the amazing world of skydiving!

Prepare to get into the thrilling world of skydiving!

Thanks for taking the time to experience what skydiving has to give you. Our skydiving specialists will help you in selecting the first skydive that is best for you, provide you with expert training courses, and be with you all throughout the most thrilling adventure of your life! Fly with us for the most thrilling and exciting skydive experience in South Carolina.

We've taken the opportunity to provide you with some useful information below to help you choose which particular jump is right for your first jump. Either way, you will be trained and accompanied by the top professional skydivers in South Carolina!

Tandem Skydiving in Myrtle Beach

This approach is the most often suggested for first time skydivers by the knowledgeable team of professionals at Myrtle Beach Skydiving. Tandem skydives require the least amount of training (typically less than an hour), and sustain the highest level of safety Your instructor will be with you through the whole entire skydive and canopy ride back down to the Myrtle Beach soil safe and sound The dive itself will include freefall for approximately 60 seconds from 14,000 to 10,000 feet over the beautiful South Carolina landscape followed by 7 to 9 minute canopied descent back to the ground. Should you request it, you may also help in steering the parachute

Skydive Solo in Myrtle Beach

People who want to skydive by themselves are mandated to become AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) certified. Prior to your chance to make your first jump, you will be obligated to attend a 4 to 6 hour training guiding you in the principles of skydiving. Your dive is performed in the company of two USPA rated AFF Jump masters who supply immediate support during the exit and freefall. You will be granted the opportunity to self release your pilot chute, which will in turn release the primary canopy. Once your chute is released, you will (with radio assistance) manage a solo canopy decline back to the dropzone.

Reserve the opportunity to have the skydive of a lifetime, contact Myrtle Beach Skydiving today at 1-855-533-4029!