First Time Skydiver Prepare to enter the amazing world of skydiving!

Prepare to infiltrate the awesome world of aerial sports, especially, skydiving!

Thank you for giving Myrtle Beach Skydiving the opportunity to assist you with all of your first time skydiving plans. Our professionally trained staff will aid you in selecting the best skydive experience that is perfect for you, provide the instruction needed to complete the skydive, and stay your side throughout its exhilarating entirety! The experience of parachuting over South Carolina is a one a million opportunity!

Check out the available options for skydiving and embark on an adventure of a lifetime with Myrtle Beach Skydiving You have nothing to worry about as you will be accompanied by the best instructors that the South Carolina skydiving scene has to offer.

Tandem Skydiving in Myrtle Beach

It is highly suggested by Myrtle Beach Skydiving that you select this particular method for your first jump. Tandem skydiving calls for a brief instruction of approximately half an hour to acquaint you with the equipment and the process so you can enjoy the trip knowing you are safe. The instructor will be right by your side during the entire length of the jump and on your canopied coast back to the drop zone safely and securely. The dive itself will consist of freefall for roughly One Minute from 14,000 to 10,000 feet above the beautiful South Carolina landscape followed by 7 to 9 minute parachute decline back to the drop zone. Occasionally, you can even request to assist in steering the parachute!

Skydive Solo in Myrtle Beach

Our AFF skydiving program shows you everything you have to know to become a licensed skydiver in Myrtle Beach. Prior to your chance to take your first dive, you will be obligated to participate in a 4 to 6 hour class instructing you in the principles of skydiving. Your jump is performed with two USPA rated AFF Jump masters who supply immediate support during the departure and freefall. You will be granted the chance to self release your pilot parachute, which will in turn launch the primary canopy. There will be someone to talk you down to the ground with our radio equipment and help you descend to the dropzone safely.

Get the opportunity to have the jump of a lifetime, call Myrtle Beach Skydiving today at 1-855-533-4029!